Thursday, July 12, 2012

Halls of Ivy - Cavalcade of Music

The Halls of Ivy
Cavalcade of Music 
The picture of Perth Amboy High School (AKA "The Halls of Ivy") is 
a print by Francis McGinley  circa 1982.

Cavalcade of Music 
Full Version
Perth Amboy High School (now McGinnis Middle School)
Photo taken early 1990's 

These Video were Created for the many
Perth Amboyans that 
walked the Sacred Halls of Ivy.

We came into these Halls not Knowing,
but came out 4 years later with Knowledge, 
not just by Books or Teachers but from each other.

As Classmates we arrived,
 but left as Friends

to ALL that was Part of the
Cavalcade of Music

Films Created by
Fran Tripka, PAHS 1970
Bill Szemcsak PAHS 1971

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  1. How many high schools could there have been which were true halls of ivy such as ours? Who could envisioned then where our lives would later lead us? You have created a beautiful and moving tribute to the halls of ivy that so many of us remember from so long ago!
    Shirley Jacobson Laiks
    Class of 1954