Monday, January 16, 2012

1876 Fire

1876 Perth Amboy Map 
Showing area of fire. 
High St. to Malden Lane

Thanks to Craig Halbert 
for finding this article.

Woodbridge Independent 
Thursday, November 16, 1876 

Fire was Saturday, November 11, 1876 

1914 Perth Amboy Map 
Malden Lane changed to Willocks Lane.

Present day picture. 
Smith & High Streets going towards the Ferry. 
Fire was on the left side of Smith Street.
Willocks Lane is gone.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for posting - how do I send you articles on PA that I have?

    PS - The fire companies were as follows:
    Lincoln Engine Company No 1
    Washington Engine Company No 2
    McClellan Engine Company No 3
    Eagle Engine Company No 4
    Garfield Engine Company No 5
    Engine Company No 6 (I don't know of a company name)
    Protection Hook & Ladder Company No 1
    Liberty Hook & Ladder Company No 2
    Humane Hook & Ladder Company No 3

    1. Hey John, glad your read the Blog. I was the Captain of Eagle Eng. Co. #4 way back in the early 70's. Engine Company #6 was know as the Memorials, it was staff by paid firemen and was actually created in remembrance of the firefighters that lost their life. It would great if you can send Fran some articles. Keep in touch

    2. Hi Bill,
      I'll send Fran the articles I have. What was Eagle running before the 1983 (?) vintage lime green Seagrave Invader?

      PS. I was good friends with Frankie Kaczmarek. His dad belong to Eagle but I don't know how/when he was an active member.

    3. Thanks John, received your article!

    4. Morning John,
      Actually I left Amboy before the 80's to go to work in Cape May. When I left Amboy the colors were still red and I believe we had a 69 Seagrave or Mack. Have to do some research. The lime green thing was never a favorite of mine.

  2. Also does anyone have articles on the Rogers Fire in the 1970s? I have fond memories of the children's section of the library. I know it burned down but I would love to see photos of it. As I recall there was a loft area and model airplanes hanging from the ceiling.

  3. John,

    Thanks for viewing our blog.

    Bill might know the name of Engine Company You can send me articles on PA at my e-mail address.
    Would love to see them!

    I know the library has some photos on different fires in Perth Amboy, will try and see if there were any of the Rogers Fire. Not sure if they have any photos of the children's library before it burned down.

  4. Many of the names mentioned are names I recall from Perth Amboy. It shows you how so many of Town's people were early settlers in Perth Amboy.