Monday, January 23, 2012

Columbus Park Firehouse

Article is from 
The Perth Amboy Evening News 
December 22, 1949 


  1. Interesting article, I guess with the construction of 440 in the 1970s that this firehouse was razed and the newer one on Convery Blvd was built. And with the newest firehouse recently opening on New Brunswick Avenue the Convery Blvd one has been mothballed.

    On a tangent, Perth Amboy recently purchased two used fire engines (Pierces) from Bound Brook and put them in front line service. Hopefully they will last longer than the KMEs they replaced.

  2. Thanks John, I was in my early 20's when the Highway was built. I really don't remember this firehouse. Check out the new link called Sanborn Maps on your right side. The Maps of Perth Amboy are fantastic. Bill would be interested in the information about the Fire Engines!

  3. There was a huge, beautiful glazed terra cotta birdbath on the front lawn. My dad, Steve "Lefty" Galetta was a fireman there. Memorial Engine #6 was an Oren pumber.

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