Monday, September 12, 2011

Can I Have This Dance…..


A 1917 Partial Dance Booklet…Oh How We Danced on the Night We Were Wed”.

Just a quickie. Perth Amboy had many Athletic Clubs and Dance Halls back it’s day. Many were actually on the second floor of some buildings.

It must have been a Grand Ole Time back then……Let your mind take you back when there were more horse and buggies then cars, when you actually had to listen to someone to laugh, or to cry. You had to read a newspaper if you want the news. No TV’s, No Video Games, No Computers…..

There were Family Picnics on the weekends, Supper on the tables every night, Church on Sundays, Stores CLOSED on Sundays and actually Arithmetic, Reading, Spelling and History was being Taught in Schools. And of course, “The Pledge of Alliance to the Flag” and the “Lord’s Prayer” was also allowed in schools…….. May I Have the Next Dance? 






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