Thursday, September 29, 2011

Caroline of Courtlandt Street

"Caroline of Courtlandt Street"
is a fictional story that takes place in 
Perth Amboy. 

The author, Weymer Jay Mills was born in 1880 in Jersey City, NJ. He was a descendant of Revolutionary War era poet Philip Freneau. He lived in Jersey City and New York City. He wrote a number of magazine articles and books, including "Historical Houses of New Jersey", "Through the Gates of Old Romance", and "Caroline of Courtlandt Street". He died in 1938. 
The book was published  by 
Harper and Brothers 
New York and London
The illustrations were done by 
Anna Whelan Betts
The story begins

 The background of every other page 
has the same illustration or decoration by 
W.E. Mears 
The background illustration on this page 
reminds me of the door of 
"The Proprietary House"

If you would like to read
"Caroline of Courtlandt Street"
you are able to read it for free online at the 
following link.

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