Thursday, September 15, 2011

Perth Amboy Banks

Perth Amboy had it's share of banks.
Many of the banks we knew when growing up 
are long gone.
One of the banks we wouldn't remember is 
The Citizens Building and Loan.
(Everytime I see this name, it reminds me of 
the movie "It's A Wonderful Life) 
Citizens Building and Loan was located at 
108 Smith St. 
On the postcard it's on the right hand side with the sign. 

The building is still there. On the building it says Roth Furniture. 
Perth Amboy Savings Institution opened its doors in 
1869.  At the time it was located in a rented room at 
267 High St.  Fours years later the bank's first building was 
located at the Corner of Smith and Rector Streets. 
In 1917, the bank relocated to Smith and
Maple Streets. 
It was renovated in 1968.

Perth Amboy Savings Institution is now Sovereign Bank

The Perth Amboy Trust Company 
was located on Hobart and Smith Streets. 
It added another level.
In the 1960's, AS Beck Shoe Store was located at that site. 

All that is left to remind us that this was a bank at one 
time is the sign on the Hobart St, side of the building. 
First Savings and Loan Association 
Located on State Street
If you ever banked at school with those gold colored envelopes
this is the bank where you had an account. 
Changed to Provident Bank sometime in the late 90's or early
You couldn't miss this bank building. 
Located on the Five Corners. 
Building still looks the same. 
 It's now a Capital One bank.
The First National Bank was located 
on the corner of Smith and Maple. Right across Maple St.
from the Perth Amboy Savings Institution.

The First National Bank was a Wachovia Bank which is now Wells Fargo.

The buildings are still there as a reminder of what they were in the
history of  Perth Amboy.

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