Thursday, September 8, 2011

Perth Amboy Ads 1950

I enjoy looking at the ads in vintage newspapers.
It brings back memories of stores/services that are long 
gone and knowledge of places I never knew existed. 
Let's go back to 1950 and see how many of these places you 

 Briegs, Corner of Smith and King Sts.

 Clarabelle came to the Majestic Theatre!  
My mother used to buy me Poll Parrot shoes. 

 Never knew Perth Amboy  had a book store.

 Everyone should remember Fishkins. 
Later moved to Madison Ave.
The Gross Co. was on the corner of Amboy Ave. and Washington St. 
Where the Monogram Shop is. 
 Don't remember this store.  It was located on the right hand side 
of Woolworths
 Wouldn't it be great if we could still pay the same prices 
for vacations! 

 Eddie's Music Center

 Later Joe's Pet Shop was on Smith St.
Cero Meats was a Brand name of pet food.
Moskins, another store I don't remember
Jags, Sporting Goods.

Levin's was another Sporting Goods Store.

Hopefully these ads brought back some pleasant memories! 

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