Thursday, September 29, 2011

Caroline of Courtlandt Street

"Caroline of Courtlandt Street"
is a fictional story that takes place in 
Perth Amboy. 

The author, Weymer Jay Mills was born in 1880 in Jersey City, NJ. He was a descendant of Revolutionary War era poet Philip Freneau. He lived in Jersey City and New York City. He wrote a number of magazine articles and books, including "Historical Houses of New Jersey", "Through the Gates of Old Romance", and "Caroline of Courtlandt Street". He died in 1938. 
The book was published  by 
Harper and Brothers 
New York and London
The illustrations were done by 
Anna Whelan Betts
The story begins

 The background of every other page 
has the same illustration or decoration by 
W.E. Mears 
The background illustration on this page 
reminds me of the door of 
"The Proprietary House"

If you would like to read
"Caroline of Courtlandt Street"
you are able to read it for free online at the 
following link.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raritan Bay Seminary

Raritan Bay Seminary 
was located on the corner of
Market and Water St.


 Article from 
"The Independent Hour"
Woodbridge, N.J. 
June 15, 1876

Click article to enlarge 
(Article will appear in new window, click on article again) 

  Former Congregation Shaarey Tefiloh Building was
built on the site of  The Raritan Bay Seminary. in 1976.
15 Market St.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Castle Ice Cream Factory

We all love Ice Cream. But did you know that 
Perth Amboy at one time had it's own Ice Cream Factory?

(Click on images to enlarge) 

According to American Machinists Magazine of December 1913

It was most likely opened sometime in 1914/15
at 390 Smith Street.

Castle Ice Cream was promoted as "Heathized".
This is an article from the Saturday, December 12, 1921
Edition of the Staten Island Advance.

Another article about the Castle Ice Cream factory 
was found in 
"The Soda Fountain" Magazine 
January 1922

Check out the picture of the Perth Amboy 

The following ad was found in 
January 1922 edition of 
"Dairy World"

This ad is promoting Castles Ice Cream 
"Artic Sweethearts"
Price 10 cents 
Sort of a Sundae in a Dixie Cup 
Came in 5 flavors 
Chocolate, Strawberry, Cherry,
Walnut and Pineapple. 

This is a local advertisement from Woodbridge.

The advertisement was in 
the Official Booklet of the
255th Anniversary and Memorial Celebration 
Woodbridge, NJ 
Flag Day, June 24,1924

Bits and Pieces have been found about the Castle Ice Cream Factory
in the early 30's.  Nothing yet has been found on why or when it 

Picture of where it would have been located in Perth Amboy
The factory was located somewhere on Smith Street 
between Gifford and Goodwin Streets.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do You Want To Dance - Part 3

Lyceum Athletic Club 
Dance Revue 
Holy Trinity Auditorium
Thursday, September 23, 1926

Hey Look, Coney Island Hot Dogs!

Don't you wish shoes were still $4.00 a pair.

Harold G. Hoffman was the 
41st Governor of NJ

A process at that time to make ice cream super pure. 

 There were many stores on Hall Ave. making it a small shopping area.


Did you realize that they are no liquor advertisements in this booklet.
Remember 1926 was during Prohibition in the U.S.
Most of these stores are now distant memories.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do You Want To Dance - Part 2

The Iroquois Athletic Club 
First Annual Ball 
Held at the Auditorium
Wednesday Evening 
January 22, 1913
They had a basketball team and a baseball team 
No other information about the club can be found. 
Must have been a popular club since there 
were many advertisements in their program booklet. 

 Mullin's Spring Water was sold within the past 10 years. 

Wonder what it means to get "Jonnied"

Same Fishkin Brothers before they sold cameras.
Location is the same in 1949 before they moved to Madison Ave.

Fishkin Bros. (Same family?) 

Everybody remembers Reynolds!

Anchor Cafe is still around. 

To Be Continued......