Saturday, August 6, 2011

Art Work

During the 1980's artist Francis McGinley created Oil Paintings, many of Historic Buildings in Perth Amboy.

Mr. McGinley then produced very limited, beautiful Lithographs which includes;

Proprietary House - The Royal Governor's Mansion, Saint Stephens RC Church, Saint Peter's Episcopal Church, Perth Amboy-Staten Island Ferry's Slip, City Hall, Halls of Ivy-Perth Amboy High School and many others.

There are thousands of Post Cards, Photographs and Art Work available depicting buildings, people and scenes of Historic Perth Amboy, you have to ask yourself, WHY?

Perth Amboy is not New York, not Boston, not Washington D.C. or even Atlantic City, so why the interest of so many people.

I hope during our peek into the History of the City and the People that made the city so interesting that it caught the attention of the world. As Fran stated in her "Welcome" Blog, we hope to share with you some of the things that have been collected, heard and/or read. This Blog is for you, me, our families and others that are interested in Ambo Point.

We need your support, we need your stories, photos, collectibles and just your plain old memories.

Just think how Facebook's Favorite Perth Amboy Memories took off, thousands of posts, hundreds of members and photos galore. We can do things here easier with "labels" on your favorite subject. This site is not to replace Facebook, it's here for the love of Perth Amboy.


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