Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shopping in Perth Amboy....

As kids and teens we would do all our shopping "Downtown". Perth Amboy's "Downtown" was a favorite spot for folks from all over, including folks from another state, Staten Island, NY. This blog is just the start of many to come on the topics of "Shopping", Cruising" and "Downtown".

I was born in 1951, went to both Catholic and Public Schools, I even graduated from the "Halls of Ivy", which many of you done also. My grandparents came to Perth Amboy from the coal mines of Dickson City, PA. in the early 1900 to open a General Store/Boarding House on Chauncey Street (building is still there 2011). My Grandfather, Aunts, Uncles and Mother worked in the factories and stores from the time they arrived in this "Gem" of a city.

Remember growing up going to the Farmers Market on Fayette Street, between Broad, Division and State Streets. Remember the Railroad Stockyard and Slaughter House? Shopping wasn't only done on "Smith" Street, but some of the other major shopping areas included State Street (from Market St. to the area where the Outerbridge is) , Madison, Hall & New Brunswick Avenues. The picture on the top is Smith Street, picture on the bottom is State Street towards Fayette St.

All I'm trying to do is to "share" some of the items and stories that we have of "Old" Perth Amboy.

Keep an eye on this site, I'm sure Fran, I and other bloggers will spark something that you love about our special "City". Send us your ideas, pictures, stories. This site can and will out live us all, but will be a excellent place for generations to come.

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  1. About shopping, I would love to go one step further. Would love to make a map of Smith Street and plot the different stores. We could do it for different eras.