Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Perth Amboy's 275th Anniversary

The year 1958/59.
Perth Amboy was celebrating it's 275th Anniversary. 
Smith Street was closed off  for the celebration. 
Thanks to Mike Mitrosky, a Perth Amboy Native
who now lives in California for the color photos. 
Ace Drugs, Coney Island and Peoples.
A Tank on Smith Street.  There is Crystal's!
Jack and Jill's - Children's clothing 
Corner of McClellan and Smith 
Some clowns! 
A Lion on Smith Street
A.S. Beck Shoes 
Corner of Smith and Hobart. 
If you look closely you can see the black and white 
Alexander's sign.  
Another picture of the Lion
Looks like an Anteater. 

Another Tank on Smith St

This picture was found on another website.  I believe they got it 
from another Perth Amboy site.  If this photo belongs to you
please comment so I can give you credit for the picture.

If anyone has any photos or stories of Perth Amboy's 275th 
Anniversary, please let Bill or myself know.

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