Monday, August 15, 2011

Fire Department - Part 1

As one of the oldest Fire Departments in Middlesex County, since 1881, the Perth Amboy Fire Department provides fire protection to the citizens, visitors and property of the 4.5 square mile city. As with most of the older cities, Perth Amboy had it fair share of major fires.

The firefighting force consisted of 2 Units, a paid (career) or professional fire company and a
volunteer fire company, this made up the Perth Amboy Fire Department.

At one time, there were 2 Chief Officers of the Fire Department, 1 was a Paid Fire Chief, who oversaw the career firefighters and equipment and a Volunteer Fire Chief, who was responsible for directing all the Firefighters at a scene of a fire or emergency.

At one time there were 7 firehouses throughout the city. The locations were Rector Street, State Street next to PAHS, Grace Avenue, State & Pearl Street, Amboy & Hall Avenues, Wayne Street and Pfeiffer Blvd near Convery. At the present there is only one on New Brunswick Avenue.

From the early 1900's through to 1980's, Perth Amboy Fire Department was made up of 9 Fire Companies; 6 Engines, 3 Hook & Ladder Trucks. In the 1970's they added a Specialized truck known as a Snorkel Truck.

-In the coming Blogs, we were cover the different volunteer fire company names, type of trucks and the firehouse they belong to. We will also talk about some of the "Big Ones" (fires).


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  3. I'm trying to make a Trail of each truck, chief car or other vehicles that we had from each company. If anyone knows likely to appreciate it. And stations when built, close or demolished. For the pafd museum. Thank you

  4. The Firehouse on Top looks like Rector Street and that was my Great Uncles House during his Fire Horse Brigade days..Ihave a Picture of him and his Company ,,it's pretty cool//

    1. Would Love To See It and Possibly put it in this article.