Monday, August 8, 2011

Perth Amboy Cookbooks

Cookbooks can be a fascinating way of learning 
the history of a town. 
My collection consists of 3 other cookbooks. 
Household Digest and Cookbook 
(Order of the Eastern Star) 
Raritan Chapter No. 58 
I was disappointed that this has generic recipes 
which were produced for many other organization. 
The saving grace of this book is its ads. 
Telephone use was increasing at this time. 
Phone numbers were 3 to 4 digits long, where as 
in the Epworth Cookbook they were 1/2.
There were ads for 
The Majestic, Strand, Crescent and Ditmas Theatres 
Elizabeth Hardware Company 
Greenspan Bros. Co. 
Palace Hotel and Restaurant 
Jack and Jill Shoppe
Fishkin Bros. (Was at 157 Smith St.) 
And many others. 
Hungarian Cookbook 
Compiled and Revised by 
The Women's Guild of the
Hungarian Reformed Church
331 Kirkland Place 
First Edition 1961 
Eighth Edition 1978 
Cookbook is filled with many Hungarian Recipes
Mushroom Soup (Gomba Leves) 
Pumpkin Soup ( Tok Laska) 
Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage ( Toltott Kaposzta) 
Chicken Paprikas (Paprikas Csirke) 
and many more delicious recipes. 
Historic Perth Amboy Cookbook 
Waterfront Association to Effect Restoration 
Printed for Perth Amboy's 300 Years Anniversary Celebration
The first half of the book talks about the History of Perth Amboy. 
The last half is filled with a variety of ethnic recipes from various 
residents of Perth Amboy.
There are some pictures but no ads in the cookbook.
There are probably many other cookbooks produced by organizations 
in Perth Amboy.  Would love to find a Polish Cookbook.from Perth Amboy. 

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