Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Olde Perth Amboy Walking Guide

In 1985, the City of Perth Amboy
Mayor, Honorable George J. Otlowski
Council Members 
Armand Cannamela, President 
John J. Krilla
Angel M. Quinones
Robert J, Sgromolo 
Paul F. Zito 
published the Olde Perth Amboy Walking Guide 
Sponsored by 
Office of Community Development
Michael W. Keller, Director 
Written and Designed by 
William S. Pavlovsky
(Click on images to enlarge) 
No.2 City Hall
No. 18 Proprietary House
No. 26 Kearny Cottage 
No. 41 St. Peter's Church
No. 65 George Inness House
The Inness House was demolished sometime in the early 90's
So if you live in the area, why not take a drive on a fall Sunday afternoon,
and take the tour of your historic hometown.
For anyone who may be coming back for a class reunion,
your class reunion committee might want to sponsor a mini-tour.
If you want to see the inside of the Kearny Cottage, St. Peter's Church, or

the Proprietary House, I would suggest calling ahead and see if they can
accommodate your group on your chosen day.
Enjoy coming home!

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