Monday, August 29, 2011

Perth Amboy 100 Years Ago - Part 5

We are coming to the end of our journey to Perth Amboy over
100 years ago.
I couldn't read what company this is.  I have part of a hard copy of 
this booklet.  The end of my copy is missing these pages.
Thanks to Jan, it is a Terra Cotta Company.  Thanks to Bill it
is the Standard Terra Cotta Company.
J.S. Knee Pants Company 
Keasbey & Barnekov 
203 State St.
Reynolds & Hanson's 
134-40 Smith Street 
 Perth Amboy Dry Dock
Perth Amboy Terra Cotta Company
Standard Wire ?
Henry Maurer & Sons 

Perth Amboy Coast   1901 

Hope you enjoyed the trip back in time.

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