Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Ferry

Thought I would post some pictures of the Ferry Slip from different eras. 
The first is a postcard from the early 1900's
Next is the companion to the photo on the top of the page. Found them on E-Bay as
slides a few years ago and had them converted to pictures. Late 40's, early 50's?  If you enlarge the photo, the white sign going across says
"Overhead Clearance - Eleven feet six inches".  Other signs you can 
make out. Cars 30 cents and 20 Minute Service.  Can you find the sailor in the picture? It seems like the picture was taken in the early fall, since there still leaves on the trees in Staten Island and one man has a top coat and a young lady wearing a red sweater.  The cobblestone street is still there.
The last picture was taken in the early 90's for a project about Perth Amboy, 
a co-worker and I were making with the students. 

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