Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Perth Amboy's 275th Anniversary

The year 1958/59.
Perth Amboy was celebrating it's 275th Anniversary. 
Smith Street was closed off  for the celebration. 
Thanks to Mike Mitrosky, a Perth Amboy Native
who now lives in California for the color photos. 
Ace Drugs, Coney Island and Peoples.
A Tank on Smith Street.  There is Crystal's!
Jack and Jill's - Children's clothing 
Corner of McClellan and Smith 
Some clowns! 
A Lion on Smith Street
A.S. Beck Shoes 
Corner of Smith and Hobart. 
If you look closely you can see the black and white 
Alexander's sign.  
Another picture of the Lion
Looks like an Anteater. 

Another Tank on Smith St

This picture was found on another website.  I believe they got it 
from another Perth Amboy site.  If this photo belongs to you
please comment so I can give you credit for the picture.

If anyone has any photos or stories of Perth Amboy's 275th 
Anniversary, please let Bill or myself know.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Perth Amboy 100 Years Ago - Part 5

We are coming to the end of our journey to Perth Amboy over
100 years ago.
I couldn't read what company this is.  I have part of a hard copy of 
this booklet.  The end of my copy is missing these pages.
Thanks to Jan, it is a Terra Cotta Company.  Thanks to Bill it
is the Standard Terra Cotta Company.
J.S. Knee Pants Company 
Keasbey & Barnekov 
203 State St.
Reynolds & Hanson's 
134-40 Smith Street 
 Perth Amboy Dry Dock
Perth Amboy Terra Cotta Company
Standard Wire ?
Henry Maurer & Sons 

Perth Amboy Coast   1901 

Hope you enjoyed the trip back in time.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Perth Amboy 100 Years Ago - Part 4

Let's continue on our journey through Perth Amboy,
Circa 1901. 
We will look at all the different types of businesses
that were in Perth Amboy at that time. 
(Click images to enlarge)
Schantz & Eckert Machine Works 

Perth Amboy Gas Light Company
Incorporated in 1862 
Office in 1901 - 125 Smith Street. 
Office in1949 - 222 Smith St. 
American Publishing Company 
Book and Job Printers 
5 King St. 
In 1949 they were located at 294 Market St.
Residence of W.R. Platt 
Trying to bring businesses to Perth Amboy. 
First National Bank 
110 Smith St.
Patrick White & Sons 
Dutton Engineering Co. 
Citizen's Building and Loan Association
194 High Stret.
Reminds me of the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" 

The Maple Hill Dairy
Located on New Brunswick Road.
Proprietor - William Mullin
Wondering if this is the same man who owned 
Mullins Spring Water at 675 New Brunswick Ave. 
In the late 60's and early 70's, The Maple Hill Dairy was located 
where Woodbridge Center now stands.
Boyton Brothers is now located at 200 Jefferson St.
Wholesale and Retail Grocer
211 High St. 

Louis Briegs 
91 Smith St. 
Store was still there in 1949. 

Final Part - Coming Soon

Friday, August 26, 2011

Perth Amboy 100 Years Ago - Part 3

Let's continue on our journey
Our first stop is Sewaren, a close neighbor. 
 (Click images to enlarge)
The Sewaren Improvemt Co.
Raritan Hollow & Porous Brick Company 
The Car Barn on Smith Street 
Perth Amboy Railroad Company 
(Now Raritan Traction Co)
Raritan Terrace 
On the second smaller trolley it says State St. 
Raritan Copper Works 
Raritan Copper Works 
Woodbridge Ave in 1876 was between Brighton Ave and
First St,.  off Market (Then called Eagleswood Ave.)
Roessler-Hasslacher Chemical Company's Works
L. Albert & Co.
Successors to P. Nybo
Many older photos found from Perth Amboy were done by P. Nybo
Most likely from the late 1890's.
Farrington and Runyon Co.
Lumber Merchants

More to come

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perth Amboy 100 years Ago - Part 2

Let's continue our journey back in time. 
Perth Amboy Circa 1901 
(Click images to enlarge) 
Great Strides in the World of Manufactures
 Large homes 

 How many of these homes are still there?

 Perth Amboy General Hospital
George K. Parsell, Architect

 Perth Amboy Chamber of Commerce
 Advertising for new businesses to come to Perth Amboy
Perth Amboy's Financial Condition in 1901
Pumping Station at the City Water Works. 
Some churches 
International Clay Manufacturing Company 
C. Pardee Works, Tile Department 
C. Pardee Works, Steel Department